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Countertop oven for bread

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Countertop oven for bread

I did a search here for the subject and there were several pages.  None however that were recent. I was thinking of getting the $250 Breville smart oven when I ran across these two ovens.  A French door Oster And this Nutrachef  which is huge anyone have experience with either or can disqualify either . The Nutrichef claims steaming ability.  Thanks

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I don't have any experience with any of these ovens but am very interested to see any comments.

I did read the reviews for the Nutrachef and the company responses to questions. According to the company the rotisserie does not rotate-it functions by allowing the convection to evenly heat the meat. That seems more like an air bake than a rotisserie. When a rotisserie rotates, it self bastes. That won't happen with a stationary bake.

There are a LOT of comments about a learning curve partly as a result of poorly translated instructions and partly by the design. I have had other electronics designed to take decision-making out of the process of using the device. Instead of adjusting temp and time, you just select what you want to do- roast meat, bake a cake, boil water, simmer and hold, dehydrate, pop popcorn,etc. Sounds useful but I have found these types of controls are much more confusing. I have seen these types of controls on induction cookers, microwaves, washers and dryers and blenders.

THis oven does have a large outer dimension so make sure you have the room. I also always question the dimensions given on many manufactured products. Sometimes they do not include the feet (which can raise it a crucial inch) or they fudge a bit to make the item more acceptable.

If this item was significantly cheaper than others or had many great reviews, I would try it. But it really doesn't. On first pass, I would stick to more brand name items that may have better support and a longer track record.

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Thank you for taking time for your well considered response. 

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for years and it make the best bread, as good or better than the Big Betsy GE.  I steam using 2 of Sylvisa's steaming cups heated in the MW with a kitchen towel half full of water in each ort I over turn a stainless steel mixing bowl over the dough which works great too.  I also have a small CI enameled pot that if I take off the handle on the lid and stuff the hole with a piece of chopstick it also fits.  It just took a while to figure out with experimentation how to steam and getting the size of the dough right - about 500 g of flour for a boule and 550 for a batard fits in mine max.

Goof lick - you will love the bread that comes put of it.

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David R

dabrownman - you wrote as follows:

I steam using 2 of Sylvisa's steaming cups heated in the MW with a kitchen towel half full of water in each ort I over turn a stainless steel mixing bowl over the dough which works great too.

I don't quite get it.

1. How do you do the steaming cups?

2. Kitchen towels what?

3. Turning a bowl over the dough can be done instead of steaming, right?

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I think the 250. one is the smallest of the three.  It would be very tight to bake a loaf in there.  I posted about this here recently.    I have two of what are now the midsized Breville ovens.   I have baked loaf breads in them and they tend to over brown on the tops a bit but not horribly.  When I replace these I will get the new largest one and that might work.  It has three racks.  It’s the biggest standard brand I’ve seen.  I bake bread in a big oven but these ovens are great for everything else especially pizza since they have a rounded back that allows for a bigger pan or stone.  

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The oven height on the nutrichef is 11 inches.  That was great main attraction for me. I purchased a new dual fuel oven a few years ago when I remodeled our kitchen but the oven takes forever to heat and the thermostats all over the place. I have steamed using several methods including the Sylvia towel method.