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New books by Amy Scherber???

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New books by Amy Scherber???

I was browsing on and was surprised to find two new books (one coming out around September 2008, the other around May 2009):

The first is "The sweeter side of Amy's Bread" (ISBN: 978-0470170748).

The second is "Amy's Breads (Revision)" (ISBN: 978-0470170755).

Both books are published by John Wiley and Sons, and both are listed as having 256 pages (each).

Does anyone have any information about these books? Are the release dates realistic? Any guesses about the contents? Why are they not listed on

Any information will be helpful. (Perhaps, if you live in the vicinity of "Amy's Bread" you can ask Amy herself???)



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That would be a most welcome development, but it seems it will only be coming out next year if at all, and Ms. Scherber's name is not on the list of authors on the webpage of the original publisher.  The best bet would be to inquire directly - Amy's Bread has its own page.