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Another Nice Pan Loaf For the Wife that Lucy Really Messed up Big Time

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Another Nice Pan Loaf For the Wife that Lucy Really Messed up Big Time

This huge mistake might just keep Lucy from getting to First Class Baking Apprentice.  We went to the trouble to make another fine cube in the Oriental Pullman pan for the wife’s daily sandwiches and everything went swimmingly swell until Lucy really screwed it all up.


After we plopped the fermented and developed dough into the pan for an estimated 3 hour final proof at 4 PM, Lucy forgot all about it and I found it this morning a 6:30 AM on the heating pad, thank goodness it was off, with dough oozing out of top at one end!  Jeeze!  If it would not have been in a pan all would have been lost for sure!

The side and bottom look good

We have never done a 17 hour final proof on the counter before for sure – till today!  I fired up the oven immediately, wiped off the ooze and in about a half an hour when it hit 500 F, into the oven it went while turning the heat down to 450 F.

Top looks good too

20 minutes later we took the pan out and the ooze had continued at the same end.  The lid was stuck on but, when I took off the baked ooze and ran a paring knife along the top at that end, the lid slid right off to reveal a more than perfect cube.  Thank goodness for PAM spray on the lid and pan.

Mixed smoked pork and chicken enchiladas  - yummy!

We continued baking lid off for 8 minutes at 425 F Convection and then tried to get the loaf out of the pan to finish baking it on the stone and get the sides brown.  But that same end was stuck right at the top but a quick paring knife scraping the edge took care of that easily.  Another 8 minutes on the stone and the temperature read 207 F and onto the cooling rack it went

Monthly bacon cheeseburger with fries also yummy!

There is no telling what the crumb will look like but the outside sure is cubic and brown.  The whole grains were red and white wheat, rye and oat with all 13.33% of them in the single stage 100% hydration levain.  The 20 g of seed starter used to make the levain was taken after 24 hours of the newly refreshed NMNF Rye Stater being in the fridge. The levain was retarded for 24 hours after it doubled on the heating pad.

Chicken Tikka Masala with Shrimp, Chinese long bean, squash, broccoli and pea pods also very nice.

  We did a 30 minute autolyse of the dough flour which was half Bob’s Red Mill Artisan Bread flour and half LaFama AP getting the overall hydration up to 73% with the pink Himalayan sea salt sprinkled on top.  We held back 2% water which was added in after the salt was mixed in and the levain added so that we could claim a duplicitous double hydration for this dough if nothing else went right.

If you don't have a good SD pancake breakfast on bake day it may cause mental retardation or something worse not being able to drink wine later in life.

After 3 sets of slap and folds of 125, 50 and 20 slaps on 30 minute intervals we did 3 sets of stretch and folds from the compass points also in 30 minute intervals.  The dough was placed on an oiled flexible plastic mat on the heating pad and covered with a SS bowl and a kitchen towel to keep it warm.

We used stitching to shape the dough together and then tightened it into a loaf shape using the counter as a foil and placed it into an oil sprayed Oriental Pullman Pan for proofing.  The rest of the total mess you already know.

This bread is great toasted with butter and strawberry jam, berries and Minneolas from the back yard. 

We didn’t go to Pain Bianco for lunch or to Bianco’s new restaurant, Roland’s, for dinner on my birthday as planned.  No one want to go to both lunch and dinner and it turns out that Roland’s doesn’t serve tongue tacos.  But, Tacos Chiwas does serve Lengua de Res so we decided to go there and they are Bianco’s partners for Roland’s.

Salads for lunch and dinner are a Lucy staple for good health  for sure 

The Lengua tacos were the best tacos I have ever had anywhere – nothing close, but the girls were disappointed upset that they were out of Pork Carnitas – their favorite until they had the Pork El Pastor and the chicken tacos.  I had the EL Pastor and the Beef Barbacoa which were terrific with the Barbacoa better but the Lengua was grand and luscious to the extreme.  Tacos Chiwas is highly recommended and guaranteed authentic.

As luck would have it, the Hispanic market we love had beef tongue on sale yesterday for $3.97 a pound so Lucy got 2 - 4 pounders.  We worked up an instant pot recipe for it and will be pressurizing it today for Lucy’s Stupendous Lengua Carnitas Spectacular Tacos tomorrow.  It will be one notch above Chiwas Lengua Tacos for sure.  We are also making Lucy’s Special Spiced Sourdough Clour Tortillas for them too…… before the food police make this all illegal.

Talk about beautiful!  Well the crumb was at any rate and the bread was really tasty too!  Nice and sour but not too much at all either.  I can't believe that it survived a 17 hour proof!  Without a pan, with a lid, this bread would have been toast so here it is before toast!


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Ewww!!! Like I said, I have to take your word for it.  Wonder how your super over proved loaf tastes and what the crumb looks like? Keep us posted. Anyway, I'm glad the dough was not wasted. 

Happy IP tongue 👅👅👅 taco making!


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and I am curious too!  Maybe this will be the next go to method and Lucy will get her promotion too:-)  Tongue is under pressure for 45 minutes right now.  I think Lucy should do a separate post for the finest of all the tacos!

I got 2 tongues sticking out at me for this bread.  One after the proof and one while baking:-)  I ate the 2nd one ....not bad at all - like a thick crispy SD cracker.  

We shall see Yippee - your pan saved the day for sure!  Happy baking

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I've to say It's not the prettiest thing I've seen :) It's been ages since I had a burger as there isn't any restaurant selling the good ones near by. Perhaps I should also go the homemade route. You know I'd love anything that's Indian or Mexican! Pancakes are my favourite sweet (ahem... or savory) breakfast. They can't be beat, especially when topped with an egg!

I think Lucy is under too much stress for earning the title of First Class Baking Apprentice. Don't be too hard on her. My guess is that the loaf will turn out ok but maybe with some huge holes in the crumb? I want a post about all the delicious tacos! Who cares about the food police? I'd fight them off for you...errr... for the tacos!

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final proof was just the right amount about 12 hours.  The wife liked it just fine too.  i thought it might be too sour for her but I think she is a SD convert now:-)  You can put an egg on just about anything and make it least for Mexican food anyway!  The tongue was a thing of beauty and even better looking right out of the pot:-)

This burger was home ground in the Cuisinart.  It is half chuck and half hanger steak - I like some brisket in there too sometimes.  The ground beef in stores is the meat scraps they grind up from the stuff they find a few days later and pick up off the floor after cutting meat all week:-)  It is way better to grind your own from cuts that have never been on the floor for days and you know what it was before it was ground up.  Plus it tastes better too.   Except for Wolf Burgers in KCMO when I was growing up where they kept the wolf pens out back and the meat was always fresher and more tasty. 

I'm doing a separate post on the Tongue Tacos.  I made them two ways Regular and Carnitas.  Think the most succulent Filet Mignon you ever had but it has real flavor instead of being tasteless - that's Lengua Tacos.

Lucy is feeling the pressure for sure but sine this one turned out to be a success she is ff the hook for now,  Glad you likes the post and happy baking Elsie!

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There's an old idiomatic expression up here in the mountains, "As the man said when he kissed the cow - 'There ain't no accounting fer taste I reckon." I wonder how it compares to mountain oysters?

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are pretty darn good but Tengua tacos are like juicy Filet Mignon that tastes way better than the steak.  You would love them.

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Mini Oven

Heavens!  Haven't you realized she invented a cracker maker while the bread is being made?  Clever girl!  

Now it's up to you to add hydraulics making it a continuous cracker maker.

That tongue is gross.  No getting around that.  I do appreciate the way cooked tongue is presented here in local meat shops.  It gets an outside gelatin & horseradish layer around it. Gotta go find you a pic...

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Now I know what I'm going to do with part of the tongue frozen in the freezer - Smoked Tongue Sausage served on Lucy's automated continuous crackers!  We make all kinds of sausage around here but that would be a first for sure. and tasty as all get out too!

Thanks for the link Mini and happy zungenwurst making !

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Well dab Lucy sure didn't mess up too badly. The loaf looks great but your food looks outstanding! Such a nice selection of yummy dishes. I could eat every one. Funny, now I am hungry!

Happy baking! Ski

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would be!  Lucy won't be able to sleep at night just thinking about them - me neither!  The bread did somehow save itself somehow so Lucy is really swaggering around today like she planned it all along.  She's totally incorrigible and lucky as heck!  All the food was tasty this past week and hopefully next week's fare will be too!.  Glad you liked the post Ski and Happy baking .

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David R

... a burly older fellow with tattoos, with a lit moose tongue dangling from his lips, occasionally blowing a cloud of smoke with the wind.


Smoking a moose tongue.

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I never would’ve guessed that that loaf had survived a 17 out proof! I thought it would have collapsed into a puddle of goo! Especially at room temp on top of a heating pad! That loaf is gorgeous!

Since you got some tongues, you need to try the way I love it done; in tomato sauce with pickles! Yes! I did say pickles! My mom makes it that way and I thought it was just one of her off the wall recipes but it turns out that it is actually a common French recipe. Hubby prefers tongue with Madeira sauce. I have two in the freezer so tongue is going to be on the menu soon. 😊

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way to make tongue in Mexico and pickled tongue is 3rd but tongue in tomato sauce with pickles is a new one for sure.  I wonder if tongue in tomato sauce was brought from France to Mexico with Maximilian like SD bread? So what is your recipe for Tongue with tomato and pickles?

I was kind of shocked it didn't collapse too!  If the heating pad would have been on, it really would have been a mess for sure.  It was 32 degrees that night so it had to be in the low 60's in the kitchen and that helped for sure.  Sourdough wee beasties work in mysterious ways for sure.  It shows that protease goo is pretty much an urban myth and very hard to do with white SD bread!

Happy baking Danni - the slow 17 hour proof way:-)

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Langue de boeuf a la sauce piquante

1 beef or veal tongue

2-3 carrots, cut into large chunks

1 cabbage or 1 bunch of leeks, cut into large chunks (can use some of both)

1 turnip (rutabaga) or 2-3 parsnips, cut into large chunks (can use some of both)

salt, pepper

124 g butter

2-3 tbsp flour

broth from tongue

1 small can tomato paste

4-5 cornichons (sour pickles)

1 can whole mushrooms drained (you could cook whole fresh mushrooms in the broth and use those)

1. Soak tongue for 15 minutes in cold water.

2. Place in large pot with vegetables. Add salt and pepper to taste. 

3. Bring to boil and cook on low heat for 3 hours.

4. Drain and peel (better done when tongue is still quite warm). Remove bones if any. 

5. Cool and slice.

6. Melt butter in a large wide pan and add flour. Cook until flour is lightly browned.

7. Add a can of tomato paste and enough broth from the cooking water of the tongue to make a fairly thick sauce. Season to taste.

8. Add sliced cornichons and mushrooms. Place sliced tongue in sauce and heat through. Yum!

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I would be tempted to combine the recipes by adding the root vegetables to the initial cooking of the tongue  and adding the pickles and mushrooms to your recipe. I think it would be amazing! French cuisine meets Mexican! Don’t think I have ever heard that before! 😉 

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Apart from the "the creature from the black lagoon" the main part of the loaf is perfect. Surprised there wasn't a huge galing hole where the dough should have sunk from being very over proofed. 

All's well that ends well. Is Lucy forgiven? 

P.s. how important is a pre-shape when baking in a pullman?

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I'm glad K could forgive Lucy and let her have part of the Auto-Cracker.  When I'm using a pan I don't usually do a pre-shape but I do an extra good job of shaping making sure to get it stitched up and the pulled tight so that if Lucy for get to bake it for 13 extra hours I can sleep tight and not worry about it from npw on - at least in the winter:-)

Happy baking Abe

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Hello dabrownman: It is me, the Thai chef. I think that I have been away from the Fresh loaf for perhaps 2-3 years.  Enjoyed reading your blog and your food are gorgeous looking as always. You did not say what kind of bread this are. It is beautiful. Can you tell me what it is and can I get the recipe to try? Please. Thank you.

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This is 4 whole grain Sourdough with all 13.33 % of the whole grains in the whole grain 100% hydration levain using 3.33% NMNF Rye starter seed.  The whole grains are red and white wheat, oat and rye all in equal amounts.  Half hour autolyse with 2% salt sprinkled on top with enough water to get the hydration up to 73% holding back 2% more water that is added in with the levain to get the salt mixed in easier.  86.67% Dough flour is half bread and half AP flour.  3 sets of Slap and folds of 125,,50 and 25 slap and 3 sets of stretch and folds from the compsss points all on 30 minute intervals.  Then in the pan release sprayed Pullman it goes till it rises 90% and then into a 450 F oven for 20 minutes lid on and then 425 F for 16 minutes lid off removing it from the pan 8 minutes after the lid came off to get the sides and bottom brown.

Glad you like the food too!,  Nice to have you back and happy baking Thai chef  So weird -We had Penang Curry last night night and then saw your post this morning!  Yummy!

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Hello dabrownman:  Thank you very much for your quick reply and also your recipe. I will have to try to understand your recipe first before I will try to make it. Some of your method I do not understand , so I will try to slowly read each part and figure it out. One which I don't understand is 3 sets of Slap and folds of 125.... " Do you mean you slap and fold it ( French method? at 125 times or minute / at 125 minute time, then 50 minute time then 25??) . I am not very good at this slapping  so...? I understand the part of stretch and fold.  The ingredients are 86.67 is AP. flour and 13.33% are whole grains, right? . Don't understand how much water I need to get it up to 73% yet but I will figure it out. 

 This are  what is new for me  in 2018. I bought another home in Fl. ( from sister who sold it to us at a VERY reasonable price.) During a very cold winter in VA. , we stayed in Fl. I just came back to VA. 10 days ago. Three weeks ago , I went  observed and help in a very well known Thai restaurant in St. Petersburg and learn  a lot.  You can ask me about any Thai food you want to make and I can give you an authentic recipe. I also worked in a German bakery at a College in Bemidji, MN. in June and July 2018. We make pastry and breads for students and staff ( about 165- 200 people/ Staff and students).  There are only 3 people in the bakery, my boss, my more experienced baker lady and me. Hard work but I learn a lot of new skills. Also  they invited me to cook for students and staff ( 200 people?) Thai food which I did with the help of the kitchen staff. It was a "Thai night" party.  We cooked 4 meals with dessert too. It is a new experiences to cook for so many people. 

I am still not good enough in the Sourdough/ hand made bread with heart bake . Got to do more I guess. Thanks again for your help. 

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and the sets of the slap and folds and stretch and folds are all on 30 minute intervals.  How much While grains and dough flour and water depends on how big you make your loaf.  If you want it to weight 1000 g wet then divide the 1000 by 1.75 (1 for the flour and .75 for the water.  So you have 571 g of flour total and 429 g of water, The whole grains all in the levain are 13.33% so the whole grains are 571 g times .1333 or 76g with 76 g of water for the 100% hydration  With the dough white flour being 571-76 - 495 g and the water for the dough is 429-76=353 g of water with 11 g of salt and 16-20 g of Seed Starter.

Its nice to have a lace i FL for the winter and Lynchburg fr the summers!  My brother moved to a new house in Lynchburg about a year ago now.  I'm sure everyone had to love your Thai Food!

Glad you liked the Post nd happy SD baking~

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Max and Lexi said "Shame on you for doubting Lucy's new Baking method!  There was never a doubt it would turn out just fine!"  They are not big fans of eating tongues of any kind though and are very offended since they cherish their own.  Max's tongue 👅 is like as long as a frog and he got very upset hearing about cooking tongues.

Hope you had a great birthday week and are staying nice and toasty.  It was in the 50's last week here which is insane but now it's back into the 20s today so Max and Lexi need to wear their coats.

Baking a porridge bread to bring to my new office mates and some rolls for myself this morning.

Happy Baking and eating!

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even more than I do and, if they had a chance to have some of hers, they would love it more than Prime Rib and I know they love Prime Rib that they probably think you don't feed them enough of as it is either. 

There is some melted cheese underneath but there isn't anything else required on these juicy tacos of cubed heaven!

It used to be that tongue was cheap and they couldn't give it away but now it is $1.5 more expensive a pound than chuck roast - even when both are on  sale!  My birthday week was grand but it did get down to freezing at night and I had to cover the pot garden again this week.  I have a ton of flowers on the tomatoes that came up volunteer but hardly any tomatoes have set on as of now,  If they all set We should get 1,000 cherry tomatoes this year . this pix is just 1/5 of them - part of the ones that didn't come up in pots!

Great news about the job Ian. I was wondering with Amazon coming to your Island if you might work there but I guess you found something else long before they would ever get there or if ......with AOC already trying to toss them out for some reason or another.

Good luck with the bread for the new co-workers Ian and Happy Baking on the weekends now!