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Passionate Amateur from IL

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Passionate Amateur from IL


I would like to take a brief moment to introduce myself here before participating on other portions of this site. My name is Tim Eggers (clever screen name huh?) and I am 25 years old. I reside in mid-state IL about three hours south west of Chicago or about an hour north of Peoria IL. I am happily married and have a dog (Minnie, Rat Terrier) and a cat (Buster, Silver Marbled Bengal). My wife and me own our own home and we are living the American dream. I work in a factory operating multi-spindle automatic bar feed "screw" machines (another trade I am learning from true machining masters).

I have a few hobbies that I am quite passionate about. Primarily I home roast my own Specialty coffees. I purchase green coffee beans then roast my own coffee to assure the highest quality coffees and peak freshness. After that I am a big pizza fan. This is where my baking “skills

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Welcome Tim,

You sure came to the right place.

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I'm Tim too, and I love making bread, and I love coffee too (esp on it's own)!
However, i'm trying to pool enough cash to get a grinder and hopefully, and espresso machine..hehehe

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Thank you both for the kind welcome!

Tim Eggers

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I'm also new to the site so thought I would take this opportunity to do a little intro also. My name is Ed, 26 years old, recently married to Nicole (in July), own a home (since September, Yay!), and have 2 cats (Sammie and Mitsu). I work as a Systems Administrator for an RV manufacturing company and have been here for 4 years now. I enjoy my work, have known from a young age I would be a computer person, but share an equal if not greater passion with baking. My mom started me at a young age making simple recipes like CC cookies and peanut butter pies. A couple years ago I started taking an interest in cheesecakes. I ended up making about 20 cheesecakes for our wedding reception. I knew I was hooked at that point, I think. Since then I have moved on to many other areas. Custards (not much different as I found out), cakes (my wife's favorite), souffles ect ect. Alton Brown was the first that really interested me in baking. I mistakenly purchased his book that made me feel an idiot (wrong measurements galore), but it planted a seed. Pizzas and breads take most my time these days (since purchasing BBA and AP by Peter Reinhart) but I'm loving every second of it. I actually woke up early this morning just to make a batch of pizza dough because I ran out of time last night Thanks for the site and I'm looking forward to learning much about the art of artisan bread making.