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Hello from Brisbane, Australia

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Hello from Brisbane, Australia

Well not a complete newbie to bread making, but new to your wonderful site. I found the link through a must have list in our local paper here in Brisbane Australia.

I'd like to learn more about sourdough, a favourite bread of mine to eat, along with Bagels. I;m looking at making more of our edible goods from baking, to bread, to sausages and buying less processed goods

I currently do a fair amount of baking -but of the sweet kind - cupcakes are what I'm known for, along with slices and biscuits (cookies)

It's currently warm and sunny here in Brisbane. I hope those in the tornado zone in the US are doing okay and the rest of you aren't freezing.


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Mini Oven

I'm in Austria, but not freezing. Welcome to The Fresh Loaf. There is a mountain of information here so don't be afraid to use the search machine at the top left window. Look around and get familiar. There are also plenty of us around if you need help or want to share an adventure or a recipe. Can't wait to hear about your first batch of home made bagels! Good Luck!

Mini O

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Lesley, though I have just recently started posting here, I have been reading all the wonderful information and learning a great deal, for a while.  Welcome, you can learn a lot from these bakers.

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Welcome to The Fresh Loaf Leslie, :)

I am in England but up until December, I had been a native Ozzie ;) I am glad I am not there where it is "sunny and warm" lol

This is a great site full of wonderfully kind helpful people with loads of resourses and experience under their belts (I dont have a belt ;)  )


I hope you enjoy it here with us :)


The green baker. 

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Welcome to The Fresh Loaf Lesley,

This is a great site for obtaining information on baking.

I'm in Brisbane also.

Know a really good place to purchase those special bread baking ingredients.

Have you built up or made a "starter' yet?



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Hi Megamont,


I only know of Basic Ingredients for supplies, I think they are at Redcliffe now, no Bricks and MOrter store :(  If you have others you'd like to share, I'd love to know.


And no I haven't made a starter yet - any tips?




Lesley - Mum to 4.

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Hey Lesley,


Roland from Basic Ingredients homebread.

Yes we did recently relocate to Redcliffe, but are still very much a brick and mortar operation with a 80m2 warehouse full of flour and other goodies (most of the time!)

No shop anymore, but home delivery right to your front door. check our website

Plenty of tips, hints, and products for ALL kind of bread baking!


all things bread, mentioned in this thread was forced to close their doors. 


Happy baking






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Hey Roland,

Thanks for letting me know - any chance you'll have classes starting again soon?  I miss the shop - we use to pop in when we were over that way, so i could see what was there.


Lesley - Mum to 4.

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Hi Lesley,

You can email your questions or orders to or contact Sue on (07) 3207 3148.


Helpful Suggestions;

  1. Always use high protein flour. (12% plus).
  2. Use tank or bottled water. (no chlorine).


Plenty of info. here on this Forum.

My starter is based on Pineapple, (2 years old now, "great").

The pineapple juice was obtained from the flesh of a half ripe pineapple. (not a factory processed).

Here is a recipe for a starter you might like to try.


1 Cup of sultanas spread out to "air" on counter over night at room temperature. (79-80°).

1 Cup of H/Protein bakers flour.

1 Cup of tank water.


Add and mix all 3 ingredients. Place in glass jar, cover with glad wrap and leave alone for 24Hrs at 79° (temp. not critical).

At 24Hrs add (feed) mixture with 1/3 cup of B's/flour and a 1/4 cup of tank water. (mix well 2 minutes).

Repeat the above procedure 2 more times in the next 12Hrs. (always cover).

If no action appears at 36Hrs keep feeding as above but remove the volume of starter from the mother load that you are adding as not to have a large quantity buildup.

Sultanas remain in at this stage.

At 48Hrs you should see some action.

Take 2 samples, (1) from the top and (1) from the middle. (don't worry about a few sultanas in the samples) and place in separate jars.

After feeding you can see the 3 starters"s amount of rise. Even though the are in different seize jars.

The "center" one is from the top of my mother starter on the right and this is the one I propergated.

After a few days of feeding twice a day, a very active starter.

The short blue lines denote 1 Hour intervals above start line. (full circle).

The best advice I can give you is to "maintain" a standard temperature for your starter and dough that is,

79° - 80°

Hope this helps.



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Thank you Megamont, looks like it's a trip down to Capalaba. I'm on the complete other side of Brisbane, so it's a daytrip lol!!


Thank you for the help with the sourdough, but do you have to use sultanas?


Lesley - Mum to 4.

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All things bread will deliver the goods to you cheaper than you driving there. (ring Sue).

Look up Sourdough starters on this site.



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Thanks Megamont, will do that then :D  Now just to decide what I want lol!!


Lesley - Mum to 4.

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Seeing how you're from Australia, you must be tripping over "Bakers Delight"stores.

Apparently they're everywhere.

They've opened in Canada under a different name; I worked at one of their outlets for about six months, maybe three or four years ago.

What's with vegemite?

Do you actually eat that stuff?

I was using it to grease my bicycle chain.

Good luck with your sourdough


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My daughter actually starts work at one tomorrow.

 Yes something Cob I think they are called in Canada, their bread is actually quite nice.

 Have no idea on the Vegemite.  We do have a jar in the cupboard, but it probably takes 4 years to get used when we have visitors.

 I very occassionally feel like it - don't know why, but it's not standard fare that's for sure.


 Lesley - Mum to 4.

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Greetings from Philadelphia!

I'm new to this site as well and am very interested in desserts of the sweet variety, especially cupcakes.  I leave the baking of bread to my boyfriend, who has been a member of the fresh loaf for a while and learned much from all the talented bakers on this site. Looking forward to possibly seeing some of your cupcakes on here too!

Good luck with your baking,