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Last 10 years have been a huge financaal win

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Last 10 years have been a huge financaal win

Here are the top 100 ETFs over the last 10 years based in average yearly returns


The top 25 returned more than 15% annual returned and the bottom 25 returned more than !0.5%

Over the past 44 years the Dow 30 and S&P 500 ETF's averaged more than 10% returns including dividends and the Nasdaq 100 returned 13.33%  w/o dividends annually over the past 44 years - Wow!  That is the entire time I have been investing  in the stock market  before there was and Apple or even a Microsoft!

But this isn't unusual it has been the same for 91 years!  So when you hear the stock market is too risky remember that it is the only sure fire way to really make a mountain out of a molehill - regardless of IQ, talent and Income.  A great way to gain financial security.  Sadly if you live in Europe, not including the UK, your task is 5 time harder since your markets and businesses do not perform like they do in the USA but the UK performs at about 70% of the US though

Happy investing over the next 91 years.

PS.  Retiring well just take time and investing 10% of your take home pay every payday from the time you are 21 until you retire at 65 years old and this is if you are making minimum wage of $7.50 an hour - just invest $25 a week.  That's it  If you invest it in the Dow 30 ETF you will have $1,335,982 in today's money taking into account 3% inflation that would be  $386.044 and pay you $15,411 in today's money in yearly retirement income..... more than you will make in SS payments by a wide margin.

But, if you invest in the NASDAQ 100  you will have $1,071,073 in today's money - the beauty of choosing wisely and compound interest.  That would pay you $42,870 a year in retire income in today's money.  Tell me where else a minimum wage earner can become a millionaire by ding so little?  Well, there isn't one!  Imagine every minimum, age worker would be a millionaire in today's money when they retire at 65 years old.  Taking care of yourself is way better than having the government steal 80% of what they should pay you in retirement for what you put into SS.