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Pod 3's Sourdough Bread

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February 6, 2008 - 4:04am -- pod3

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   yes,poor thing--------seems  it was very wet before baking!  to look like that! To me & im not an expert, I would have added more flour ( bread flour) & worked Kneaded the daylights out of it , rolled it flat on the board ,tuck in the ends ,for the length of loaf I wanted& then rolled it up so it looks like a loaf of bread--------  leave it rise slowly at cool room temp , even if it taks allday Good things  Good bread takes time.  when thats ready, Spray it well w water throw a handfull of any kind of seeds on top,spray again (so you dont loose seeds while baking) Give it 3 or 4 slashes w a wet knife,1/2 inch deep,so it can expand more in the HOT oven,(oven spring) should get another 1/3 bigger  then bake!  It does have yeast in it, its only sour for taste. With all that it should come up nice.

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Submitted by pod3 on

seems to be the answer. I am going to try again tomorrow based on the advice received in this thread on how to make my bread rise more. Thanks to all who commented.

I am refreshing my starter tonight, ready for a good kneading session tomorrow!