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High gluten flour, bread flour, bread flour + vital wheat gluten

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High gluten flour, bread flour, bread flour + vital wheat gluten

Hello, people.


Has anyone tried making pizza dough with high gluten flour?

How did it compare to bread flour with or without the addition of vital wheat gluten?


A regular home gas oven is what I make pizza in with a stone.   







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I think pizza is often made with lower gluten flour.  Aren't the higher gluten flours harder to spread out?

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I've heard that higher gluten flours are harder to spread out.  Some claim that a high gluten flour is required for an authentic New York style pizza.

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By high gluten flour do you mean bread flour?  I use bread flour for my NY style pizza dough.  It stretches out nice and thin (between 1/8 to 1/4 inch).  The recipe is from PR's American Pie book.  So far, it is my husband's favorite recipe and tastes the most like the pizza he got back in NJ.



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I was referring to "high gluten flour."  King Arthur Flour sells it.  Their website states that it has a protein content is 14.2%. 





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you can use a good patent bread flour (about 12.7 percent proten)

but hi gluten 14.2 is best it harder to strech out if using a rolling pin but if you are tossing it it will strech out more without tearing 

ps most pizza dough is not alowed to rize and uses very litle yeast only about 1 oor 2 oz in 50 lb flour just mix and let reast till the dough relaxed about 20 minutes or overnight in the fridge

the dough shoule spread alittle but not look like a dough that has risen, if the dough rises you used to much yeast   a dough that has risen will be much harder to strech.

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Most pizzarias in Brooklyn, NY use a high gluten flour. I have been using Trumps 50121 unbleachd high gluten flout for years. I buy it in 50 lb bags from a restaurant supply store for around $18'00-9.00 for a bad and use SAF yeast from the same source with excellent results. Works for bread, pizza, bagel sect. Check out General Mills website great information and recipes