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Software to convert and scale bread recipes

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charlene in va

Software to convert and scale bread recipes

I'm currently working on several recipes that I need to convert to metric weights and scale up for larger production.  Does anyone know of any software (perhaps shareware) that I can purchase to help with this?

I've briefly looked at some of the commercial bakery software but I'm not ready for anything like that.  I'm just looking for some simple software that could track recipes and help in the measurements/scaling issue.


Thanks so much! 

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A while ago I published an article on this web site about my Dough Calculator Spreadsheet. It does most of what you need. The reverse spreadsheet allows you to start with a mix of volume and weight measurements and gives you baker's percentages. Once you have those, the main recipe worksheet has scaling etc. Additional pages can be used to hold the "standard" recipes.


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