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What size batard bannetons should I buy?

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What size batard bannetons should I buy?

I usually make loaves that are around 900g (not including gasses), and I use 9 inch boule bannetons and a 5qt dutch oven. 


I was planning to switch to batard shaped bannetons (better for sandwiches). What is the equivalent size, and do you have a favorite place to buy them? I like the spiral cane kind. 

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I do 850-900+ gram batards and proof in these:

$18/dozen is pretty good...and the work very well

lined with oblong liners from Breadtopia

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I am now going to stalk the Salvation Army Thrift store for baskets this shape.  I have never thought about using a regular "basket"   Oh the possibilities!

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Edo Bread

While it can work. Plastic will not provide the same qualities of course. Also, when just using a "regular" basket, make sure it is not finished with something that is inedible or comes off easily. I would also think the one in the link is too open, with a higher hydration dough it seems it could ooze out the holes and be a pain.

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picked that up from another professional baker just starting out (he didn't use the liners, saving more money with a bulk pack of cloth restaurant napkins)... since then I've noticed a number of folks running bakeries are doing likewise with the baskets...which makes a big difference if you need 4 dozen or so...

and another nice feature is you can easily wash and even bleach them if you happen need to

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has a couple of sizes that I've used for similarly-sized doughs, and they're 20% off thru Cyber Monday. 

I have both the long oblong proofing brotform basket 13in (with rounded ends) and the rectangular proofing brotform basket 12in (with squared-off ends).


Also, IKEA sells cheap linen towels that release very well, if you decide you'd prefer a liner.