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Pan de muerto (Sweet mexican bread for the day of the dead)

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Pan de muerto (Sweet mexican bread for the day of the dead)

So, I made "Paulina Abascal's pan de muerto" recipe ( is spanish, but it is easy with google translate I think). Here are the results:


I wanted to post my results with it for reference for anybody who wishes to make this recipe. I did everything as stated except that i prinkled sugar before baking rather than after as i didn't wanted to pour melted butter at the end in order to sprinkle sugar later. I was feeling lazy about that.
For my personal preference I think that it was lacking sugar, and instead of 100 g of sugar i would add between 120 and 150 (I require more experimentation). Also I like it a bit more soft so I would also add more butter and eggs.

There is also the serious eats take on the recipe (here: In it they add an egg yolk more reduce the butter and flour evenly (1/2 cup less flour, but still 20% butter (with bakers percentage)), and they leave the rest ingredientes as is. Maybe we have similar preferences, so I will have to try their modification in order to determine the differences to achieve a more moist result. All in all, it was fun and tasty, but It could be better.

Here is a shot of it rising in the oven, because it looks pretty:


I will try again the recipe without the shape given that I will be off season, but it is insane to experiment once each year. I don't know when though.



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Edo Bread

Thanks for posting this and the comments. I was just thinking about looking for ideas to make something like this.