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This week's baking: 10-30-18

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This week's baking: 10-30-18

There really was enough bread in the freezer for most of a week, but I had an irresistible urge to bake bread, and I had promised to make a 75% whole wheat sourdough with home-milled flour, and last week's SJSD baguettes were so good and so gone ... 🤪

75% Whole Wheat Levain from FWSY, made with MockMilled whole wheat (and some rye)

The 75% Whole Wheat Levain's crumb

San Joaquin Sourdough Baguettes

And, last but not least, a Walnut-Fig Levain. It's good. It's the favorite of many of those with whom I share my breads.

Walnut-Fig Levain crumb

Walnut-Fig  levain with Point Reyes Blue Cheese. Delicious!

I feel better now. 😁

Happy baking!



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Glad that you're all better now, David. 


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"All better" is probably an overstatement. As you certainly know, mine is a chronic relapsing disease. 


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What an amazing crumb for a 75% whole wheat loaf.  Thanks for posting that and your other bakes.

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My eye caught especially that beautiful fig and walnut bread....A friend of mine gave me some walnuts and ever since then I have been pondering on using them for a bread...

What a beautiful selection!!!!! Kat

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for sure.  The SJSD is still the one bread I would be on a Deserted Island with every time.  Nice baking as usual David.

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Strong and spicy blue cheese is meant to be eaten with fig and walnut SD! I can't put blue cheese in bread unless I'm planning to eat the whole loaf myself since my mom can't take blue cheese... I have to follow your approach of spreading it on bread rather than putting it in the dough.

I couldn't pick my favourite out of the three: it'd be too cruel to state that one is inferior to the other :)

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Exceptional as expected from you David.  Glad to see you are really embracing the fresh milled flour as I have.

Happy Baking.