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100% organic white flour

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100% organic white flour

I tried to get a strong flour last week, but I could not, I only found 25kg packages, which is a lot for me, hard to keep at home and I use only a little every weekend, I would end up losing a lot of that flour. So I found an organic flour that I had used a while ago and decided to try it again, I also found a different, non-organic brand, and I decided to make a loaf of each one of them. Interesting that the two brands claim to have 10% protein. The results, however, were very different. The organic was very easy to work, the other was almost impossible, since the mix I already realized that it would be complicated, did not develop gluten in any way and in the end did not hold shape, it was very difficult to get the shape and put in the banneton, The next day it stuck to the banneton and took a little work to leave. The bread looks well fermented, it just seems like it can not maintain a structure. I was very happy with the result of the organic, happy level dancing in the kitchen hahaha. Anyway, the pictures speak better than me and my poor English.

The two loaves were my usual recipe, 1000g dough, 100% white flour, 65.03% water, 2.19% salt, 18.58% levain (100% hydration). Final hydration, 68%. Temperature in my refrigerator was about 3 ° C and in my kitchen during the day ranged between 25-27 ° C.


- mix (flour, water) - 30 min autolyse

- add levain - 30 min rest

- add salt and mix (slap and fold for the organic and rubaud for the other)

- coil folds every 30 min (total time of BF, 5 and a half hours)

.- pre-shape, bench rest 30 min, shape

- 1 hour proof on the counter

- Final proof for 13 hours in the refrigerator.

- Direct to the oven, 20 minutes with lid, 25 without lid, temperature always at 250º C


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type of loaf! All around amazing and intriguing what you say about 1 hour room proof in banneton before going into the cold fridge.

It is magical when one finds a timeline and process that works with the flour and all the equipment at hand!

Did you sore the bread more by the side with the razor almost parallel flat to bread to get that ear? That's what I do, I I get one that looks similar...

Crumb is also light, open and lacy...super!  Kat


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I used to leave 2 hours in the banneton at the counter, but one day I saw a recipe from Trevor or Maurizio, I do not remember, it only had 1 hour, so I started to test like this, it seems to give a good result, it had a good grow in the refrigerator too and due to low temperature not overproofed.

I do not cut almost parallel to the bread, I think it's more a 45º angle. I have been lucky with these ears, I think, it has been difficult to cut into the hot pan and often end up going wrong and having to make adjustments.

Thank you Kat! :)

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Well done. The organic flour provided a nice loaf.

Some folks here are adding vitamin C from tablets, which has ascorbic acid that can improve dough structure. Check some posts from DanAyo who is using about 0.1% vitamin C in the dough. Maybe it can help to improve the dough structure for the non-organic flour. Another option may be adding vital gluten that should also help to improve dough structure.



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Thanks for your comment and for the tip, I will check these posts, DanAyo is always with good experiments going on!