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Hobart CE100

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Hobart CE100

Hello! I am new here, and got here because I was searching about my hobart ce100>

I saw other posts about the C210, and someone said that the C10, C210 and CE100 are almost the same.  In fact they seem to be very similar apart from the bottom part.  My CE100 does not have a base plate, but 2 separate legs.

I have contacted Hobart UK but did not have any info regarding production etc.  Meanwhile I have disassembled it completely, blasted it and powder coated.  Now it is almost assembled, just need to refurbish the motor housing.

I am very curious to know the approximate manufacturing date, if anyone can help.

Thanks in advance, I will try to post some photos.

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I have a HOBART CM10 which looks identical to the CE100.

Have you noticed that all the motors on these machines are not the normal hobart motor of the 110V American Hobarts?   Hence, I suspect these were designed to be shipped to non-110v countries for local distributors to bolt on a locally produced motor.   (Distributors then only needed to source a motor with the correct spindle height and speed).

Mine has a 1/4 HP so the thing is a beast.  I suspect the re-designed (and heavier) feet on these CE100 and CM10 was to potentially account for a stronger motor.