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Looking for a good, soft baguette.

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Looking for a good, soft baguette.

Hi! I'm looking for a recipe for a soft, crusty baguette...the kind with the glossy crust and really tender inside. It shouldn't be so hard to find, but I'm a new baker and a college student with only the internet as a recipe resource (though I may try to seek out the local library for recipes one of these's Pittsburgh, though, so I doubt they have anything on artisanal breads), so I'm a little lost as to where even begin to find a good, reliable recipe that delivers what I want. Anyone got the perfect recipe? Thanks =)

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Since you have only the internet as a recipe source here's a link that may help you out with baguettes.  Click on the link below and look on the bottom of the web page that comes up and there are 2 videos featuring Julia Child and Danielle Forestier, that takes you through the process and may answer some of your questions.

Good luck.