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To Staff of Life : Recipe :

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To Staff of Life : Recipe :

1000 grams flour 

85 grams yeast

20 grams sugar

2 eggs

500 grams milk

14 grams salt

150 grams butter

Mixing :

Dissolve the yeast into the room temperature milk and ad the eggs and sugar.

Add the flour and mix.  When dough is formed add the salt and the butter.

Mix for about 10 minutes.  Make loose boule shape

Bulk fermentation : 10 minutes. Window pane test.

Divide into 600 grams and divide again into 15 pieces of 40 grams.

Make buns (boule shape)

Final fermentation : 20 minutes or longer (dough needs to double in size.)

Egg wash.

10 minutes more fermentation.

Bake : 240 °C 8-10 minutes.


PS :You can also add raisins, suger pearls , dried fruit.


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staff of life

Thanks Bart!  That looks like a very fast dough!  I'll try it this weekend!


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Keep us updated how it went!  Rises kinda fast because of the high amount of yeast! ilovebreadblog