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WTB: Grainmaker grain mill, model 99 or 116

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WTB: Grainmaker grain mill, model 99 or 116

Any leads on one of these beautiful mills? If so, please email me directly @



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HI Chris, I assume the lack of response is due to a lack of Grainmaker Mill owners. I have no experience with them, but I do own both a manual mill and a motorized mill. If you plan to mill by hand and have not experienced hand cranking, I suggest to try any manual mill before you buy. They take quite a bit of muscle and time to produce flour. I like my hand mill, but love my motorized mill. I do use my hand mill for grinding peanuts, seeds, coffee, etc. but use the motorized for flour. NOTE - my motorized mill is not capable of grinding oily seeds and grains, although I think some are.