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Cashew Bread

Cashew Bread

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Dan Lepard's Walnut Bread recipe is interesting for using a walnut paste together with walnuts to be integrated to the dough mixture.  I tried using cashews instead of walnut with other revisions to his recipe.  For the cashew paste, sugar replaced the honey.  For the leaven, I substituted 100% hydration breadflour as starter. 



SourceDan Lepard
Prep time5 hours
Cooking time1 hour
Total time6 hours


50 g
cashews (for paste)
30 g
water (for paste)
20 g
melted butterfor (for paste)
2 T
white sugar (for paste)
salt pinch (for paste)
200 g
white flour (for dough)
150 g
AP flour (for dough)
100 g
white flour starter 100% hyd (for dough)
240 g
water (for dough)
100 g
cashew nuts (for dough)
4⁄5 g
instant yeast (for dough)
100 g
rye flour (for dough)
50 g
whole wheat (for dough)
10 g
Kosher Salt (for dough)


Place all paste ingredients in grinder to form thickened mixture.

MIx all dry ingredients and mix all wet ingredients water, starter, paste, and yeast. 

Knead and rest every 10min x 3.

Fold dough every 30min x2.

Fold dough 60 min x1.

Total bulk fermentation 2.5 hrs at 28C rm temp

Divide dough into 2 ball and rest 30min and Shape, transfer to container cover.  2hr proofing.

Preheat oven 220C.  Transfer dough to heated dutch oven. Bake with cover 25min, remove cover and return to oven for 20min more.