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Latest on nonceliac gluten sensitivity's picture

Latest on nonceliac gluten sensitivity

Report in this week's Science magazine on a recent conference held at Columbia U.

Some researchers believe it's an immune response while others have data implicating poorly metabolized FODMAPS.

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Really interesting stuff. 

I would love to see more research concerning the effects of organic / non-organic wheat in this regard. 

"If I have to throw bones on the ground and look at the moon to make somebody better, even if I don't understand what that means, I'll do it."

Ha. I like it when the medical profession admits that. Funny how with the increase in modern research and experimentation, it seems that less and less medical knowledge is really set in stone. Who knows. Maybe next year the WHO will be recommending an Ayurvedic diet with lots of acupuncture and run a charity campaign, One Essential Oil Diffuser For Every Child.

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I don't often just laugh out loud, but this one got me!

Bravo Tom!

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An interesting article I may put to use. We have recently determined my SO has sensitivities to my WW bread made with home milled flour and sourdough leaven. He can eat white marshmallow bread and store-bought pasta without difficulty but just a half a slice of homemade, home-milled SD bread causes very uncomfortable GI symptoms. It took a long time to figure this out. He has a known lactose intolerance and doesn't do well with the cabbage (brassica) family. FODMAPS may be involved here rather than gluten problems. I also firmly believe that gut bacteria is involved in most digestive disorders.

Thanks for the article. This has helped me start my research into how to help him.

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A now somewhat old, but valuable article in The New Yorker Magazine from 2014 on FODMAPS

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study who ate gluten bars and said that this was the cause of their illness was less, about half ,than the 22 who said it was the placebo that cause their illness,

Lucy said she did another study and that the 22 who reacted to the placebo were also abducted by aliens and taken into space where medical experiments were done on them against their will.  But ,it wasn't the grays or the whites aliens that cause it. 

It was the Green Reptiles only.  I personally believe that if aliens can travel between galaxies, their medicine and scientists have to be millions of years more advanced than ours...... even if they are Lizard Looking.  I agree with Lucy it has to be Alien Green Reptilians causing Human illness. - no doubt about it.

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...Lucy told you back off on those hemp seed toadies.

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. love it!