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Hello  all,

I have jut found the website, thank you so much for such nice informations.

Could someone  guide me with plans, I would like to built a 36 by 48 oven. I have Alan Scott book but I am missing some plans.

I am located in North Florida.

Have a great day


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There have been many discussions on TFL about Scott-style ovens.  If you use the Search box in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, you can gather masses of information.  There have been instances of people willing to provide copies of the plans, too, if memory serves.  Use a search term like Alan Scott, or maybe wood fired oven, or firebrick, or insulation.  Those, and others you may think of, will start you on your way.

Looking forward to seeing pictures of your oven as you build it.


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Thank you so much. 

I will send pics when finished.


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I would also look in a few other places, such as: The Bread Builders, by D. Wing and A. Scott

Also, join this yahoo group and search/ask there:


there are additional, similar resources out there ...forno bravo, etc.

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Thank you, I have The bread builders, which is a nice book, but I would like to find bigger plans to built.

I will check the Yahoo group

Thank you again for your help