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I'm trying to make a Cocoa Bread and

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I'm trying to make a Cocoa Bread and

It calls for 2 small eggs. All I have are large eggs. Do I use one whole large egg and one additional yolk? Or one large egg and one additional egg white? Any one know?

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Hi Steve817

I would go for 1 large egg plus another yolk if you can afford it, but you could use either one or two whole large eggs and adjust  any other liquids a fraction - it doesn't make that much difference in yeast cookery. 

Bet it will taste just great - I love cocoa bread!


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staff of life

Each large egg is 1/4 c approx, so I'd use that as a guideline.


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I did a little more digging after I made this post and found this below. Once I saw the actual difference I decided that I wasn't going to stress about it too much.

"For most recipes, it really makes no difference if you're using a small egg or a large egg, so i wouldn't stress a whole lot about it.

But, for the record...eggs are meassured by their weight in dozens.

So a carton of 12 large eggs should weight 24 oz. That's 2 oz an egg, on average. Small eggs should weight about 1.5 oz.

This doesnt necessarely mean that 4 small egs (6oz) are the same as 3 large eggs, because again their are weighted in cartons and their individual weight are just estimates.

30 oz per dozen eggs = jumbo
27 oz per dozen eggs = extra large
24 oz per dozen eggs = large
21 oz per dozen eggs = medium
18 oz per dozen eggs = small
15 oz per dozen eggs = pee wee "

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Mini Oven

and in many countries, eggs are sold by the kilo.  Is there any land other than the USA that sells eggs by the dozen?  Waiting to here from you....

To divide an egg is easy, scramble it first unless you have to separate the yolk from the white. 

Mini O

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>Is there any land other than the USA that sells eggs by the dozen?

Yep, Australia.

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Canada is by the dozen

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eggs are sold by the dozen in Italy as well