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I'm new to this site. Can anyone give me any feedback on adding gluten to wheat bread for a better texture?


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I tend to use vital wheat gluten a lot. I generally prefer a fairly substantial bread and like the chewiness that wheat gluten contributes.

My standard sweet white bread, usually made with something added in (like craisins or diced onions) uses 1/2 cup wheat gluten, 1/3 cup sugar, 1/2 cup whole wheat flour, 4.5 cups all purpose white flour, and 1 cup wheat bran.

My whole wheat is like the white, but subbing whole wheat for the all purpose. And I do a multigrain with oats, whole wheat, and wheat bran that is the same sort of thing.

I've got a recipe posted in the forums here for lightly sweetened white bread with coconut and rice, and that lists a detailed recipe using wheat gluten. (That was a really nice bread.)

I think most folks use quite a bit lower wheat gluten levels than I do, but like I said, I really do like a nice substantial slice of bread.


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wonder if there is any convention measurements in gluten usage
Say 1 tspn of gluten how much would be the raise in protein level?
Does anyone know something like this? thanks