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Hi everyone!

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Hi everyone!

Hi everyone! I'm a newbie baker from the Philippines. My country has a rice culture and wheat doesn't grow here, so we're not big bread eaters. Although there are bakeries that make European breads, most local village bakeries usually sell sweet breads and pastries. The staple bread here is pan de sal which has two versions--sweet and salty. Given the limited variety of breads here, I'm always amazed when reading foreign baking books and seeing the enormous variety of breads that can be made from very few ingredients. I'm thankful there's a site for baking enthusiasts such as The Fresh Loaf. I learn a lot just by reading through the articles and lessons. In the future, I hope to contribute articles for other people to learn from. For the time being, I enjoy learning about my newfound passion--baking!

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Hello & welcome to the site!! :D