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Finally got the Jewish Rye finished!

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January 22, 2008 - 7:46pm -- audra36274

Finally got to upload the pics of the starter and the Jewish Rye loaf. Mr Joe said it was exactly like he wanted (a BIG THANK YOU Mark, and all who had input) he said if I did anything, my crust needed to be "crackier" if that is a word! I knew what he meant anyway! I' m sure the shaping didn't suit, but he was happy overall. Thank you all for all your help and inspiration. It is what keeps all of us going!I will try to post all the pics on this one page. If I'm not able to, please forgive. I'll also TRY to upload a loaf of potato bread I did over the weekend. Mark, if you, or anyone else is out there on this starter, I have been maintaining it on the counter, and it is doing quite well. Can/ should I even bother to refrigerate it. If you do, do you still feed daily? It is doing so well I almost hate to change anything different. Check ya'll tomorrow!

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