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Long-Time Lurker Intro and Baking Books Question

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Long-Time Lurker Intro and Baking Books Question

Hi, everyone, from the Northern California foothills!

I have been baking for a few years. I started with Tassajara and stuck to just those formulas for a long time.

I have since acquired Hammelman, BBA, RLB Bread Bible, PR Whole grains, Secrets of a Jewish Baker, The Rye Baker, and FWSY.

Is there any sense in buying Tartine #1? Are there any other recommendations you can offer?

I read myself to sleep every night browsing the Fresh Loaf, and am thankful for this site and all I have learned here.

I never could have predicted that bread baking would become an obsession. I do like that, at least so far, it is the cheapest hobby I have ever gotten into, and the others seem to be falling away. . .

Bob (and Lucy the Jackajuajua)

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Lazy Loafer

Oh no, not another Lucy! :)

I really like Emmanuel Hadjiandreou's "How to Make Sourdough". It has some interesting techniques (the 'knead 10 times in the bowl' idea) as well as some great combinations of ingredients. Leader's "Local Breads" is good too. And, of course, you should download Trevor's book from for great info on techniques for open crumb!

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Thanks, Lazy. I've heard good things about "Local Breads."

I enjoy the commentary as much as the techniques and formulas. Some writers are better at relating their "experience" or the history of a bread than others.



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maggie glezers Artisan Baking is fantastic as is her book on Jewish baking

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Thanks Mutant!