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thrifty ideas for gear

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thrifty ideas for gear

re: an older post on thrifty hints for gear:

I've gotten good results using a cookie sheet (no sides) heavily dusted with flour or cornmeal as a substitute for a peel.

I will try the suggestion of purchasing el-cheapo one sided razor blades instead of a lame...up to this point, I've been using a tomato knife with very fine serrations, but it is a little difficult to get started and to control the depth of the cut.  I will also check my basket collection to see if I have anything that will work as a rising basket...I have plently of cloth dishtowels to act as liners!

I found a large stone at a reseller (Ross...sort of like TJ Maxx) which has worked well once it was seasoned.  It helped that no one in the store knew what the thing was or how much it cost ;-).  It took a couple trips thru a hot oven before it really worked, but it is doing fine now.

Paula F




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I bought el cheapo DOUBLE edged razor blades and shaved down a popsickle stick to slide in the opening.  I like the stick in there because I think it gives me better control while slashing.


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Paula, I use colanders for rising baskets. This has the added advantage of not needing to store another piece of equipment.