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Reinhart's Bagels

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January 20, 2008 - 2:33pm -- holds99

 I made these bagels using Reinhart's recipe and instructions in BBA.  I simmered the dough for 2 minutes on each side instead of 1 minute, for a chewier bagel.  I did not top them with anything as I prefer them plain. 

 Bagels - PlainReinhart's (BBA) Bagels: Bagels - Plain Bagels - PlainReinhart's (BBA) Bagels: Bagels - Plain

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Submitted by skyywolf on

skyy wolfwood

looks great!

do you use the snake and wrap or the poke and shape?

i'm a poke and shape guy my self!

i've been making those bagels from that recipe for a few months now and i think their the best.

i was using a different recipe for a while and never got quite that " bagel" flavor and chew.

but my father is the self proclamed " authority on bagels" seeing that he spent most his life on arther ave in new for years he said it was the water and this and that.....but with this recipe his NY bagel search is over. he drives me crazy with orders for more....i make a few dozen and he clames his share...hahaha.

i simmer mine (about 190 F) for 3 min a side...i use about 2 gals of water with a heavy dose of baking soda( i'd say about a 1/4 cup)....i used the lye and really didn't feel or taste the difference.... after that i use my egg white and milk wash and add my toppings ( i user the whites because i have a over load of them---making sweet rolls and such)....add toppings trying shallots....pops likes them more then the onion......i do the steam tray and what have ya but i crank the oven to 550   its the max it goes and bake them till a deep golden brown....about 102 F in the them for a half hour and eat!...pops like them the next day...he said they taste better...i can't wait that long hahahaha.....its funny i actually get a craving for them if a week or two go by with out any....hahahahaha

so i got a question...i'm looking for onion rolls of sorts....pops said they were flat and thin crust ....almost flaky...with onion inside and on top......crumb was small and creamy......i never had one  so im going off of what pops is telling me :)

any help would make my day! ( and keep pops at bay!)

thank you so much and have a great day!

Skyy :)

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Submitted by holds99 on


Thanks for sharing your experience with bagels.  Like you, I use the poke and shape technique.  I like small holes in the center (easier to spread cream cheese).  Reinhart's recipe and instructions produce a fantastic bagel.  The first time I made them I made the dough by hand instead of using my Kitchen Aid and I swear I have never worked with dough that was so tight.  It took me a full 30 minutes of steady hand kneading to get all the flour into the dough.  We're talking serously tight, low hydration dough.  The batch in the photo was simmered for 2 minutes per side. Next time I'll try your 3 minute per side process to see the difference.  I like them chewy. I may try glazing half of the batch to see how they turn out.  What does the baking soda, added to the water bath, do for the bagels?  I have a Ciril Hitz DVD (Simplified Bread Baking: Baguette to Pretzel), which I ordered from King Arthur, and on the video he uses a lye water dip on pretzels but I don't recall him doing that with bagels.  Anyway, it sounds like you have made your father extremely happy.  Sorry I can't help with the onion rolls.  Do you know if they were they yeast or quick rolls?  I'll look through some of my books and search around and if I find something I'll post it.


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Submitted by skyywolf on

good evening Howard!

hahaha i like the small hole my self for my butter( and keeps my toppings from falling through)

well my kitchen aid about died on me...i got a 11 cup super sized critter and she about called uncle on after several experments i discovered a secret...hahahah.....i mix it together till it kinda comes to gather...i add just enough water so as to not have to many crumbs of dry unmixed flour....let the flour tell you how much water to add....then i plop it onto my board, work it into a ball as best i can. then here's the hard part...i wrap it in plastic wrap ...nice and tight and let it sit for about 20 mins or so.......just leave it!....hahahaha  i come back to it after that and finsh with hand kneeding...the Kitchen aid will just laugh at you and your dough!

so depending on how you work your dough, you'll get the proper windowing with out the need for killer biceps....kneeding is nessary but not for 30 mins! i guess about 5 mins is my avg.

so for your sweetner are you using the malt syrup?....i've used the powderd malt and it works great ( just mix it well with the salt and flour before adding the wet stuff...keeps it from clumping)i get the powder in bulk from clark's in Loma Linda..( a some what local place for me) as for the syrup i go to a beer making supplier...they use it in the brewing process( liquid bread!)

as for the baking soda the books say it really does little for the flavor.....but it makes the sugars gel and then brown in the oven ...making more chew, but still tender....

 for the longest time i added baking soda AND powdered malt to the simmer water.....caution about the baking soda likes to foam up if the water is aloud to boil...thats why i try to keep it about 190 F.....the added malt did nothing really but make a sticky water mess to clean...hahahah

i'll have to Q and A pops about the rolls....i'm in contact with my AF buddy back east and trying to get him to go to this russian/jewish deli where pops said the rolls came from.....if i get a hold of some i could reverse engineer them! or atleast discribe them better! hahahaha

i'm fixing to make some more bagles, i'll try to post some photos of mine!

OH also i made some "rolls" with the bagel dough with out the whole and with out the boil...toped with sweet onions and baked to a temp of 102F in a 550F a word from a lady on the TV...YUM-O!

have a great evening!


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Submitted by holds99 on


Thanks for your posting.  I'll try the baking sode on very low simmer.  I noticed in one of the King Arthur videos that the 20 qt. Hobart seemed to be straining a bit with a large mass of bagel dough.  As for the sweetner, I used honey because I couldn't find any malt syrup in the grocery store here.  I'll have to go to a health food store and pick up a bottle.  The honey seemed to work fine.  Thanks for the information.  Much appreciated and good luck on your quest for onion rolls.

Thanks again and enjoy your evening,


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Submitted by sboberg on

I too am a student of Reinhardt and I love his bagels too. The answer to your question about the thin flaky onion rolls is BIALYS. I have the recipe for that in Rose Levy Beranbaum's THE BREAD BIBLE.

I have never made them myself, but it sounds fairly easy.


I hope I am not too late with a helpful answer. I just found this site and registered to help you. I hope a year isn't too long. LOL.