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How To Make No Knead Ciabatta_90%hydration_10%olive oil_Lodge_Dutch Oven Bread_home baking

How To Make No Knead Ciabatta_90%hydration_10%olive oil_Lodge_Dutch Oven Bread_home baking

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90%hydration No Knead Ciabatta


Prep time
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Based on 100% flour, 90% of the water entered.

This is a very high hydration ciabatta.


(B's (%) = Baker's Percentage = Bakers Percent)

(Tr (g) = actual input amount = Truth Input)


Dough formula: total dough weight 263g

B's(%): 70.0%, Tr (g):  91.0g All purpose flour 

B's(%): 30.0%, Tr (g):  39.0g Strong Flour(Bread Flour)

B's(%): 90.0%, Tr (g): 117.0g Water(30℃)

B's(%): 10.0%, Tr (g):  13.0g Olive oil(extra virgin)

B's(%):  0.4%, Tr (g):   0.5g Instant yeast

B's(%):  2.0%, Tr (g):   2.6g Salt



1. Put water in the bowl.

2. Put the instant yeast.

3. After 1 minute, mix evenly the instant yeast.

4. After adding salt, dissolve in water.

5. Add olive oil and mix well.

6. After adding flour,

   Mix evenly until no flour is visible(dough temperature: 23℃).

7. After 20 minutes of Rest(autolyze), the first fold (folding)

8. After 20 minutes of Rest, the second fold (folding)

9. After 20 minutes of Rest, place in refrigerator.

10.After 9 hours of Refrigerated fermentation, the dough temperature: 7℃

11.Fermentation at room temperature for 3 hours.

   After completion of the room temperature fermentation, the dough temperature: 26℃

12.Spread plenty of flour and spread the dough wide.

   (Square shape)

13.The third fold (folding)

14.Turn the dough upside down several times and make it into a rectangular shape.

15.After sprinkling flour on the canvas cloth, Put the dough

16.Final Proofing:26 ℃, 40 minutes

17.Preheat oven.

   Oven temperature is raised as high as possible during the Final Proofing to preheat 

   (my oven maximum temperature 250℃)

   Preheat the lodge in a fully-heated oven for at least 20 minutes.

   (Lodge LCC3 Cast Iron Combo Cooker, Pre Seasoned, 3.2-Quart)

18.Put the dough into the preheated lodge 10-inch combo cooker floor

19.Cover the lodge 10-inch combo cooker lid.

20.Put in the oven

21.After baking for 20 minutes, 

   remove the lodge cover and continue baking for 5 minutes.

   (total: 25 minutes)

22.Remove the bread from the oven and cool

23.Tasting after completion of bread


Test results

1.The volume is low.

  The moisture content is very high, but not enough folds

  Gluten development was lacking.

  In addition, More protein content of flour is needed.

2.The texture, taste, and flavor were good.


* Note: Always be careful when using oven, lodge combo cooker

(It is very hot, so use it after wearing very thick oven gloves)


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The ciabatta looks so airy and delicious. Well done!

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Thank you~^^

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Lechem (not verified)

You often dissolve the yeast and salt in the water before adding the flour. Many insist that the yeast and salt need to be kept apart till the dough is formed otherwise the salt kills the yeast. Well this proves that theory wrong. 

Lovely post as always. 

Can I use durum flour in place of regular flour? 

mukgling's picture

I have never used durum flour,

I know that the protein content of the flour is higher than regular flour.

So, I think it would be more suitable for high hydration bread (cibatta).

However, durum flour is only for Pasta and I am not sure I have never used it. Thank you for watching!