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Hamelman Bread Book for sale -- 2004 edition

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Hamelman Bread Book for sale -- 2004 edition

It's in like new condition including dust jacket.

Here's the ebay listing:  $22 buy it now or $12 starting auction.  Buyer pays actual shipping costs media mail rate ($3 and change).

I have it wrapped in saran wrap then carefully packages with 2 layers of bubble wrap to prevent shipping damage.

I absolutely love the book and baking and hate to give it up, but I don't eat grains anymore. [I've managed to reverse my type 2 diabetes of A1C 10 down to A1C 5 with no meds -- dietary changes only (Ketogenic / low carb, high fat diet).  Now I get to relearn how to bake without gluten and grains.. doing a lot of stuff with egg, nuts, coconut flour etc.]