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Poolish baguette

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Poolish baguette

If I want a softer crust on my poolish than what I get when I cook in my Dutch Oven can I accomplish that by making a baguette on my pizza stone and not using any steam?  Or any other shape for that matter.  Or do I need to brush it with butter before and/or after baking to get a softer crust. Or could I bake it in a loaf pan (that just seems wrong to me somehow) and brush the top with butter?

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You'll get a harder crust with less moisture and that goes for omitting steam during bake - you definitely don't want to omit steam. If you are like me and dislike really crusty bread that can cut the roof of your mouth its good idea to keep it dry air off the loaves especially during the final proof. As for butter on a Baguette that's sort of a no no - if anything mist it with some water just prior to baking (also doubtful a stone would have any influence on the crust thsts more to inject heat quickly into the loaf which is more for the spring and rising of the loaf)