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BBA's Poolish based Ciabatta - A winner

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January 15, 2008 - 10:47pm -- sitzhaki

I tried BBA's poolish based Ciabatta for the first time. This recipe is great. My family just loved it.

This is certainly a Winner.


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Submitted by holds99 on

Very good rise and a nice brown crust.  That ciabatta dough is hard to work with.  You did great.


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Submitted by ilovetodig on

What is BBA?  I would love to have that recipe.  I have tried several ciabatta recipes and haven't been satisfied with any.  Would you share the recipe?   

                      GOD IS SO GOOD!!

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Submitted by holds99 on

Bread Baker's Apprentice (BBA) is a book by Peter Reinhart.  If you're serious about baking you should consider buying Mr. Reinhart's book.  In BBA he covers the gamut of bread baking with thorough explanations and instructions.


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Submitted by Thegreenbaker on

I third that. BBA is the first bread book I have owned and am so glad I requested it for Xmas a year and a bit ago. I have learned so much from it. :)