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Panettone - first time - help

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Panettone - first time - help

Hi everyone.

I've been making sourdough bread for about three years and now I'll make my first panettone.

I have a few questions:

1) By what I read, people like to keep the starter with 40% or 50% hidratation and to feed at least 3 times in the baking day. Is that right?

2) Some people recomend bathing the starter in the morning for about 10 minuts in wather with sugar (how much sugar???) to control the PH. Is that right?

3) Should I use my starter as allways (feed and wait for the peak before use)?

4) Wich recipe do you people think I should use:



5) Aditional tips?

Thank you and sorry about my english (I live in Brazil).


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Panettone is probably the most difficult bread any of us will ever bake.   But it is always fun to try and learn from the attempt.  Any of the formulas you posted should work, although I am less inclined to use the bread containing chocolate.  I prefer the more traditional candied fruit. I have baked panettone twice and the results were tasty and edible, but not as high and fluffy as the breads in M.Wilson's second post, "perfect-panettone."

I have never added sugar to my starter so I question that advice.  Also, I have never fed a starter three times in one day.  Both ideas seem unnecessary to me.  Just handle your starter as you usually do....I do not think that is where the difficulty with your panettone  will be.  The mixing, fermenting, baking and cooling of the panettone all seem more critical.   I hope more experienced bakers will add their thoughts. 

By the way, your English is very good. Merry Christmas and Happy Panettone baking.  Please post photos of your breads.    Embth


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Thank you!!! I was think to substitute chocolate for raisins...

I will post photos (If I get the recipe right!!!)

Merry Christmas!!!


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I did it! I've never ate something like this before. Sooooo much difference from the version you buy here in Brazil. 

I did the 'perfect panettone' recipe, but only with raisins. I also used orange and lemon zest (as in another iginio massari recipe). I have controlled the temperature all the time. I should have used a little less water on the second dough (or my flour should be more strong).

Next time I'm sure it will be even better.

Here is a photo (can't upload right... the right side is the bottom and the left side is the top)

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Very nice panettone

1 yes it is very important 

2 Water 1000 g a 38°C with sugar 20 g for 20/30 minutes

4 Panettone Montanari :-)   I joke make the recipe you prefer.