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How to make a No Knead Bread at Home(Easy Recipe)

How to make a No Knead Bread at Home(Easy Recipe)

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How to make Baguette
all purpose flour+strong flour
Lodge Combo Cooker


Prep time
Cooking time
Total time



집에서 무반죽 바게트 만들기_스트레이트법_중력분+강력분_롯지 콤보쿠커(롯지팬)_홈베이킹(home baking)

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Dough formula
163.0g All purpose flour
  88.0g Strong flour
    5.0g Salt
    1.0g Instant Yeast
188.0g Water (27℃)

1. Put water in the bowl.
2. Put the instant yeast.
3. After 1 minute, melt the instant yeast.
4. Add salt and dissolve.
5. After adding flour,
   Mix evenly until the flour is invisible.
6. After 30 minutes of rest, the first fold (folding)
7. After 60 minutes of rest, the second fold (folding)
8. After 30 minutes of rest, split 100g
9. pre shaping, At room temperature for 20 minutes
10.Mold in baguette shape (length: 19cm)
11.Second fermentation: 30 minutes at room temperature
12.Preheat oven.
Oven temperature is raised as high as possible during the second fermentation to preheat
(my oven maximum temperature 250℃)
   Preheat the lodge in a fully-heated oven for at least 20 minutes.(Lodge LCC3 Cast Iron Combo Cooker, Pre Seasoned, 3.2-Quart)
13.Cut the second fermented dough surface with a knife(use coupe knife).
14.Put the dough into the preheated lodge 10-inch combo cooker floor
15.Cover the lodge 10-inch combo cooker lid.
16.Put in the oven
17.After baking for 16 minutes, remove the lodge cover and continue baking for 9 minutes.(total: 25 minutes)
18.Remove the bread from the oven and cool
19.Tasting after completion of bread

* Note: Always be careful when using oven, lodge combo cooker
(It is very hot, so use it after wearing very thick oven gloves)


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These mini baguettes have quite open crumb structure. Well done!

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Good open crumb (one of the advantages of smaller loaves) its harder the bigger the loaf becomes such is the case with the standard baguette (3.5 x the size) this is pretty amazing for the short proof ;)

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Thank you ~^^

mukgling's picture

Thank you ~^^