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Blood and chocolate bread

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Blood and chocolate bread

Have just cut my finger badly enough to make the kitchen look like a slaughter house. I was only cutting up chocolate! Am still in one piece and have finished saying lots of BAD words but am reflecting on the fact that there won't be any hand kneading going on for a while.

Probably not a bad thing. Over the last 10 days have decorated homemade christmas cake with marzipan, made a fruit and nut ring, a chocolate log, swiss roll for trifle and, in batches, 8 dozen mince pies, 6 dozen sausage rolls with homemade flaky pastry and 6 white and wholemeal loaves of various shapes and sizes for family. Also catered a finger buffet for 20 at work.

I have, of course, enjoyed every minute - except for one batch of mince pies which had truly tough pastry - I think I was in bread-making mode and totally over hydrated the paste yeuchhh!

Anyway an enforced rest is in order. Not that we are likely to starve; there is plenty of bread etc in the freezer.

Meanwhile I shall catch up on my reading. I had a new cookbook for Christmas - Green & Black's organic chocolate cookbook with amongst other things a recipe for chocolate bread - the picture looks great.