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Following "mukgling"

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Following "mukgling"

Is anyone else out here paying attention to the posts by mukgling?  If you haven't then perhaps you should!  

She (pretty sure she's a she) has posted 8 entries under the "recipes" topic since July, 2017.  She is pretty much a superb home baker who posts her recipes accompanied by silent videos.  Her skill set is sterling and work is truly noteworthy.  Always ending her video with the final step, which is the taste test ;-) .  She makes it seems so darned easy.

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Lechem (not verified)


Funny as I think posts under 'recipes' get noticed less than 'sourdough and starter' posts/questions/blogs. 

Funny that on a baking site. 

All her recipes have been excellent and one day, when circumstances favour me, I'm gonna try the croissants. Just perfect they were. 

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I'm amzed by bread videos shared by mukgling. Very skilly and the instruction given is also quite detailed.