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Banneton tips?

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Banneton tips?

Hi all,

I received a banneton for Christmas, which was pretty cool. I've just finished my first loaf with it and had... mmm... let's say "moderate" success.

I made a pretty standard direct-yeasted 60-2-2 type of dough, using about 25% whole wheat/75% all-purpose. After primary fermentation I shaped a boule, relatively gently, and popped it into the very heavily floured basket. (I wanted to be sure it wouldn't stick!)

After proofing, I unmolded it as gently as I could by putting my floured hand on the top (bottom, really) of the loaf, flipped the basket and sort of rolled it gently onto my peel.

Unfortunately, it seems that I wasn't gentle enough—and the boule partially deflated. I baked it off anyway as it clearly wasn't a total loss, but I was wondering if anyone had and tips on using one of these baskets.

Here are a couple of pics of the loaf fresh out of the oven. Too much flour, as I was paranoid for my first go-round!

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Ah, to me it looks like you simply over proofed it. This has certainly happened to me on occasion. I bet the flavor was fine. When I do this I slice the entire loaf vertically and make great garlic bread with it. Lucky you, a banneton bowl is on my wish list. - I hope my wife reads this.

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Hmmm. Could be! I hadn't really considered that as a possibility. It's quite cool in my kitchen these days (winter), usually around 66 or 67 F, and I only proofed for about an hour. But maybe so. My second and third loafs both came out better.

And yes, the flavor was great. Crumb was kind of fine, but not overly dense.

Nathan Sanborn