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Arva Flour Special - Canada

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Arva Flour Special - Canada

Just went to order some flour from the Arva Mill and saw they have a special that start's tomorrow. So I'm going to wait. If you order 6 bags of 2.5 Kg which normally costs 59.99 they throw in a free 2.5kg bag and a cloth tote bag. You can mix and match - so decide how many bags of unbleached hard white versus whole wheat in your order. That means each Kg costs $4 Canadian and they throw in an extra 2.5kgs with the order. I'm good with that. Loblaws sells a 2.5kg of bread flour from Robin Hood for $5.50 Canadian.. I like the feel of dough from Arva flour and it comes from a local mill.  If anyone has any better local mill suggestions I'm all ears (pun intended!). Wow that was lame! :) Oh, and free delivery anywhere in Ontario or Quebec and $5-15 for the rest of the country.  And I get them to just leave it on my front porch. . And no, I'm not connected with them - just a guy that makes bread. I love e-commerce!

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It really was lovely stuff to work with!