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Bread Lesson One

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Bread Lesson One

Bread Lesson One: A freshly baked version of the first loaf in the lessons section of the site. ( )This was baked as part of my New Year's Resolution of a new recipe every single day for 366 (leap year!) days of 2008. If you want to join my on my quest of new recipes, check out my blog at

This turned out surprisingly tasty and I'm very happy with it. This is only less than the tenth type of bread (counting pizza doughs and bagels) I've ever made so I'm always excited to try something new. The crumb was surprisingly tasty but the crust could have doubled as a hammer. It actually wore my jaw out to eat it but my tongue was happy. I enjoyed several slices with some black currant preserves and I look forward to eating the rest over this coming week.

This is officially my first posting here at the freshloaf. I'm excited!

I'll post here any time I bake for my resolution!



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I didn't know that posting to the gallery would be a "post" as well as the blog. Sorry for the double post, I'll just post to the gallery in the future.


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Some of us don't look at the galleries. If your pic is also in your post, we're more likely to see it.  Btw, welcome to The Fresh Loaf!  Your bread looks scrumptious.

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Not a problem: that is just the way that Drupal handles image uploads. It doesn't hurt anything.

Welcome to the site!

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Hi, TimeLord, nice-looking loaf, lots of ovenspring and great slashing.

Did you use your sonic screwdriver?