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3rd birthday

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3rd birthday

I just clicked on my profile (I was looking for the sweet potato soup recipe that is on my favorites list), noticed it said "Member for 3 years, 2 hours, " and realized that I started this site three years ago tonight.

Pretty cool. The site has done much better than I imagined it would and been, with very few exceptions, a real treat to manage. My thanks to all who have made it so.

On the baking front, I'm going to be trying a couple of batches from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. Their brioche comes highly recommended, so I'm looking forward to trying that. I've still never made brioche that I found highly satisfying.


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And hats off to you Floyd, for making a place for folks to get together and chat, without all the drama, and flaming that is so rampant on other sites. 


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Congratulations it really is a wonderful site!

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manuela The Fresh Loaf! And thank you Floyd. This site is the best!!

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And thank you Floyd, for creating this amazing place! I think I joined up about a year ago after lurking for months, and rarely does a day go by without at least one "check-in," if not several! Your creation brightens the day of many.


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Floyd: Thank you for all the time you put into The Fresh Loaf. My bread baking has improved through the invaluable guidance of the many knowledgeable and generous bakers here. And, thank you for making it such an inviting environment.


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Floyd: Just checked on the recipe for brioche in Artisan Baking in Five Minutes a Day. Please let us know what you think of this recipe. I am curious about the texture of the crumb when the butter is melted before being incorporated.

I, too, am in search of the perfect brioche. The one I like the best so far is from Alice Medrich's Pure Dessert.



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Floyd, I'd like to add my greetings and thanks for this wonderful site. I know there must be a lot of behind the scenes work that we don't see to keep everything running so smoothly. I love the way you act as the gentle moderator now and again - not that it is needed too often with such a great group of bread obsessed people. So Happy Anniversary and here's to many more, A.

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Thank you, all.

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Who'd have thought that bread baking could be such an OBSESSION with people.  Congrats, Floyd, on a great success!


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Floyd, congratulations on creating and maintaining this site. I bet a PhD dissertation could be written on bread's influence in civilizing the human species, and this website is a spot of civilization in the Wild Wild Internet. Not to mention the staggering amount of knowledge you and many other members have and generously share.


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I've been a member for just over a week and I've learned more about bread baking in this short time than in the 30 some years I've been baking bread...thank-you so much!  Beth 

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For the Fresh Loaf's Big Day!! Thanks Floyd for fueling the passion amongst so many of us!! Who knew we had it in us?? that our addiction would be so universal? WOW!!

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I can echo sentiments already expressed. You've created a wonderful community here, Floyd. It's been educational, inspiring and exceptionally positive. 

You have a right to be very proud of what you have created and nurtured.


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As so many have already said Floyd, congratulations on the anniversary of your wonderful creation.

Finding this community you created and to discover that you are a friend of Peter Reinhart to boot has enabled me to explore so many new avenues in baking and cooking I had not considered before!

May you have many more happy years to celebrate! 

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Congratulations, Floyd. I have been on for about six weeks, and have learned so much. Not enough to post much, other than to ask questions, but i hope I can remedy that soon. Here's to another three good years.

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Floyd, I'm late to this thread but I must add my sincere appreciation of The Fresh Loaf website not only in that you've provided a source whereby I know I would not be the baker I am today but for all your hard work in maintaining it and keeping it the same fun place it was when I first discovered it despite a huge increase in traffic.  I still need lots of practice and lots of help but that's another reason I love your site.  There are no divas here and it makes such a pleasant place to hang.  Thanks!

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Thank you, Floyd, for such a great 1 year and 46 weeks (for me)! Truly, this site is a miracle -- helpful people, very little acrimony, a great place to learn how to bake a first loaf, but also a fine site where even advanced bakers can learn a new thing or two.