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Pain Poilane

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Pain Poilane

I finally tried Pain Poilane yesterday, from the BBA. :) - on a smaller scale though.

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100% organic, including the salt (i used gray brittany salt however, not normandy as suggested), well, all organic except, err, for the dusting flour used and water? ... :P

Anyway, the flavour was good! Definitely will try again.


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Thx hotbred, :)
I got the recipe from Reinhart's Bread Baker's Apprentice. (pg. 242 title - Poilane-Style Miche)

The one i made is about 3 1/2 cups of flour in total (my oven is too small :( ), and i used about half the amount of firm starter over a 3 day built.

For the flour, i sifted organic Whole Wheat Flour, and added about more than one tablespoon of the sifted bran.

PS* I'm gonna crush the coarse salt to finer pieces next time. Easier to mix

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Can you give me some ideas how to sift the whole wheat? What kind of sifter/where to get? What/how much is left in the sifter, vs. what/how much goes through?