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just noticed Poilane has a book

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buns of steel

just noticed Poilane has a book

I gave the product page link, in case you want to order any bread with that.  Just click on the book icon for more information and breakdown of chapters.  Prices are all inclusive, including all shipping.

Have no idea how the book is, I assume it's in French.

Any takers?  Or anyone already have it?  Anyone ordering bread?

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   I did a little research on the book and for now it is only available in French. however, Applonia Poilane , the current owner, is only 22 and going to Harvard Univ. in Cambridge. Her parents died in a helicopter crash a few years ago and she is carrying on the family tradition and business. The bread is available at some specialty stores in Boston. The Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge is one for anyone in the Mass. area.