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My Apologies!

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My Apologies!

Hi Everyone -

Sorry I've been out of the loop for so long - nearly a month. And that's a month too long. Anyway, yeast has been in the air (and in my hair and elsewhere! rhyme!) and bread has been on my mind. To quote the great Coolio, I've had my mind on my money and my money on my mind, except instead of money, it was bread.

Don't worry, I have a great reason to have been away from The Fresh Loaf for so long. I've been building a new house...from scratch. In an attempt to share more of my personal life, I took some pictures of the new place. I think you'll all be really impressed.

As you'll see, we don't have much land, but we do have a candy roof, which is both ineffective and awesome.


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I see you folks have a little snow.

Do you find it difficult to keep lost children away from your door? 

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Wonderful! Did you buy your new home from a kit, or did you design and spec it yourself? ;~)