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ROFCO B10 Stone Oven

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ROFCO B10 Stone Oven

Hello everyone! 

I am selling my beloved Rofco B10 bread oven with 2 stones for €700.

I am moving back to Canada from Italy, and have decided to not take it with me since there is a voltage difference between the 2 countries. 

This oven works wonderfully and is a game-changer in making large amounts of bread at home! I also use it for absolutely everything from roasting vegetables to making fine pâtisserie. 

I have attached some photos. It has been lovingly used (there are some stains), but it works perfectly nonetheless. 

I am based in Genoa, Italy. 

Take a look! :) 



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.. on the other side... I'm in Toronto and would love to live in Italy... AND have a rofco.. don't leave! OR at least bring the oven.. I'm sure you can find a way that you can get the current wire switched! :)


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CIao Lisa  .... so di essere arrivato troppo tardi.

É per caso ancora disponibile il forno? Se non lo é potrei sapere se é stato acquistato in Italia? Vedo in giro ma non vedo proprio nulla.. 😥😥

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Hello Lisa... I know that maybe it\s too late.

Is it still available the oven? If not... could I know if it has been bought in Italy?