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Why did I bake this bread?

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Why did I bake this bread?

1) Because it makes me see that I accomplished something. And that I was responsible for the outcome - which is critical.

2) It's important to practice.

3) I like to give away bread as gifts and something handmade is a nice expression of goodwill.

4) It's a reminder to me that you cannot produce something that is "artisan" if you are given factory-farming conditions under which to work!

I salute all the other bread-bakers out there...somewhere! Actually, let me extend the salutation to everyone out there who had an idea and went about trying to make it a reality (excepting misguided alt-right kookoo birds).

I dig people who make an effort with things*!

*Plus...I have experienced many bread failures over the years. They were "good" failures.

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that I agree with your post. Giving away bread really makes one feel good!