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Hi, so after reading a chapter in "the man who ate everything", i was inspired to make my first loaf of bread. i searched online and low and behold found this place! awsome site. i love to cook and im new at bread, not baking. im a science person so i love all the chemistry behind bread baking. anyway, great site. looking forward to meeting and making bread with you all

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I feel strange saying "welcome to the site" since I am new to it as well.  I have been making myself familiar with the site since some time in 2006, but have only recently posted.  I myself am fascinated with the science behind baking, but the real reason I bake bread (and eat it!) is because I love it.  You can put any sort of delicious, delectable confection in front of me along with a beautiful slice of rustic bread and hands down, the bread would be gone first.  I like to think it is because I am a hard worker and prefer to change the complex carbohydrates into simpler ones, rather than go straight for the simple...


Maybe that's a stretch.


There are lots of experienced and very helpful bread bakers on the site, as well as tons of useful information.  Good luck with your baking and have fun discovering what the site has to offer!!!