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My travel to Paris

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My travel to Paris

Here you can find some pics of my recent trip to Paris :


Starting with Pierre Hermé

Peeking inside Paul Bakery

Some random bakery pics

Chocolate from 'La Maison Du Chocolat'

And then my favorite bakery : 'Le Moulin De La Vierge' with awesome ancient interior

And last a set of the Poilâne bakery.

I wish I could have visited more, but not being able to do them all I have a reason to go back there :-D


Hope you enjoy.


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Thank you for sharing! Makes one want to venture across the pond...

Happy New Year!


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staff of life

Sounds familiar.  Is it owned by a friend of Daniel Leader's?


PS I am so jealous!

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Yeah,they are friends. I wish the owner would have been there. Otherwise I would have asked if I could have seen the brick oven.  Would have been nice.  

Oh well, not to make you guys jealous, but I can always go back there.  If I take the high speed train it's only like 1 hour and a half away.

My ultimate dream would be to work there just one night....


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Hemingway was right; Paris is "A Moveable Feast". 


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Thanks for sharing.  The photos of the bakeries are great. Got to get back there someday.