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I had intended to make my interpretation of Leader's version of Auvergne Rye but found myself short of a few things, so I improvised and came up with this hybrid French/German Rye. This tasty loaf combines techniques from both Germany and France. Friends from a Czech community said it was the best bread they'd ever had and to "not change a thing."


Prep time
Cooking time
Total time



Rye Starter
Medium Rye Flour* 50g
Water 50g
Rye Levain (100% hydration) 45g

Stage 1 Build (TDT 95f)
Medium Rye Flour* 400g
Bread Flour* 100g
Rye Starter 145g
Water 475g

Final Dough
Stage 1 Build 645g
Bread Flour* 200g
Salt 17g
Instant Yeast (osmotolerant aka SAF Gold) 2g
Bread Spice 5.75g

extra flour for shaping and dusting as needed


Ingredients for Bread Spice Grams / Bakers %
Whole caraway seeds 10  / 100
Whole anise seed 6 / 60
Whole fennel seed 6 / 60
Whole coriander seed 2 / 20

"Combine spices, put in a sealed container and keep in freezer til ready to use.
Measure out the amount needed for a recipe.
Toast in a frying pan 2-3 minutes.
Cool spices.
Grind, and use in recipe


* Medium rye flour: I use either Sunrise Milling fine grind whole rye, or Whole Grain Milling medium rye
Bread flour: here is where you'll want some unbleached wheat flour with a protein level of 11.5 - 14% I've had great results with Sunrise Milling Turkey Red, Gold Medal Better for Bread, and Swany White all-purpose flour (Swany mills their AP flour from hard red spring wheat)

Mix rye starter ingredients in a bowl, cover, and ferment overnight or anywhere from 8-12 hours at a temperature between 65-72f
Combine Rye Starter and Stage 1 ingredients in a bowl, mix, cover and ferment for 75 minutes holding the dough at a temperature close to the 95f TDT
Mix final dough ingredients into Stage 1 dough and knead until gluten develops
Cover Final Dough and ferment 60 minutes
Turn final dough onto lightly floured surface and shape into one large boule or divide into two smaller boules
Place boule(s) seam side down in a proofing basket and cover
Proof for 30 -45 minutes (and preheat your covered Dutch oven(s) in a 500f oven)
Turn proofed boule(s) into preheated Dutch ovens, cover and bake 20 minute
Uncover Dutch oven(s) and continue baking another 15-20 minutes