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How to make a Margherita pizza at home_Pizza Napoletana_Italian Napoli Pizza_Lodge pan_Homemade

How to make a Margherita pizza at home_Pizza Napoletana_Italian Napoli Pizza_Lodge pan_Homemade

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Margherita pizza


Prep time
Cooking time
Total time


505 g
Strong Flour
14 g
17⁄50 g
instant yeast
281 g


집에서 마르게리타 피자 만들기 Pizza Margherita_이탈리아 나폴리 피자_롯지팬_손반죽

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How to make a pizza, Pizza Napoletana
Making a Margherita pizza at home
How to make a Pizza Margherita_homemade_homebaking

(B's (%) = Baker's Percentage = Bakers Percent)
(Tr (g) = actual input amount = Truth Input)

Dough formula
Actual weight:800g, about 4 pieces (170g divided)

B's (%): 100.0%, Tr (g): 505g Strong flour
B's (%): 2.8%, Tr (g): 14g Salt
B's (%): 0.07%, Tr (g): 0.34g Instant Yeast
B's (%): 55.6%, Tr (g): 281g Water

The kneading process
1. Put water in the bowl.
2. Put an instant yeast.
3. After 1 minute, dissolve the instant yeast using a spatula.
4. After adding salt, use a spatula to dissolve.
5. Put strong flour.
6. Mix by hand (about 10 minutes)
7. After mixing evenly, the rest 15 minutes
8. After rest, Mix by hand for about one minute.
9. First fermentation at room temperature (about 1 hour 30 minutes).
10. After the first fermentation, 170g split
11. Round it.
12. Place it in a closed container and Final proofing(Second fermentation)(about 6 ~ 9 hours).

Preparing Tomato Sauce
13. Set the salt concentration of the tomato puree to 1% of total.
(Tomato puree 300g + salt 2.4g)

Preparing mozzarella cheese
14. Discard water.
15. Cut half the cheese.
16. Cut with a knife to a thickness of 2 mm.

Preparation of fresh basil leaves
17. Prepare basil leaves just before topping.

Preheat oven and lodge 10 inch combo cooker preheat
18. Preheat before dough molding.
    Preheat (the highest oven temperature in the video is 250℃)
    Inside the preheated oven, 10 inches of combos Cooker over 20 minutes Preheat
    (Lodge LCC3 Cast Iron Combo Cooker, Pre Seasoned, 3.2-Quart)

Dough molding
19. Mold the dough after the second fermentation.

Topping first
20. Topping tomato sauce 60g

Primary oven input
21. Panning dough with tomato sauce topped in a lodge pan(Preheated)
22. Oven input
23. Baking for 7 to 8 minutes

Topping second
24. After baking for 7 ~ 8 minutes, remove the lodge lid
25. Mozzarella cheese topping
26. Fresh Basil leaves Topping
27. Olive oil 4g topping

Second oven input
28. Put it back in the oven and bake (about 3-4 minutes)
29. After baking, remove the pizza from the oven.

30. Tasting the baked pizza.

* Caution: Always be careful when using oven, lodge combo cooker
(It is very hot, so use it after wearing very thick oven gloves)

Test results:
The color of pizza dough is white,
Because of the home baking oven temperature significantly below
the wood fired oven temperature
Therefore, the baking time is increased and the dough becomes hard.

The taste is similar to Italian Margherita pizza.