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I need help getting these

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Bart's picture

I need help getting these

Living in Belgium sometimes it is hard to find certain ingredients you guys using.  I am looking for someone who would be kind enough to get me these ingredients and mail them to me.  I can pay up front with Paypal.

From the King Arthur site :



I also would need molasses, can't seem to find it over here.

Is there anyone kind enough on this forum that is willing to order this for me since the KA site does not ship global?   And then mail it to me. Like I said, I will pay up front.  I could even send some local items too.

Hope someone is interested.

Thanks up front.

Please email to :


bart DOT van DOT mulders AT gmail DOT com




 Or if someone know about a site that ships internationally, please let me know.  Thanks.


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Have you tried to order these items through They ship internationally

Also try Harrods in London, I can't say for sure whether they carry those two items but it is worth a try to contact them online.

Sounds like your planning to make bagels. 

Bart's picture

Thanks for the info!

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If you have a store nearby for beer-brewing supplies, try them. I get my malt powder from one near my house. My local groceries don't carry it.

Harrods is a good idea, they seem to carry everything, but the price may be prohibitive. Although if you go to England for supplies, I might be interested in a molasses for clotted cream exchange.

campcook's picture

This was posted by "George" on another board.  I tried it and it worked great.  You can make your own:  sprout a cup of wheat berries by covering them with water in a jar for 12 or so hours, dump out the water & rinse with clean water, and place the jar in a darkish, warmish, place.  Rinse the berries every day with clean water and return to their place.


In 2-3 days they will begin to sprout.  When the sprout is as long as the berries themselves, dump them out on paper towels, dry them off, and set on a cookie sheet in the sun for a day or so to dry out. Then put the cookiesheet in a 100F oven for an hour or three.  Do not let the temp get above 130F or the enzymes will be destroyed.


Then grind the dried malted berries into powder, and use it in your favorite recipe.  I used out coffee grinder to do the grinding.  Also, use this stuff sparingly..... 



an engineer trying to bake good bread.  Have Nutrimill

Rosalie's picture

For more information on this approach, go to the Laurel's Kitchen bread book.


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Malted barley or wheat is available at any homebrew supply shop - you can skip the process of "sprouting" (or malting).

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You might also check some local health food stores -  that's where i found Barley Malt Syrup, also just called "Barley Malt", and molasses.


Good luck -




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If you get malted barley or wheat at a home brew shop, make sure it is labeled as "diastatic" otherwise it will only serve to sweeten.  Also, I kind of like sprouting it myself.  it is very little effort and lasts for a long time if stored airtight.


an engineer trying to bake good bread.  Have Nutrimill

Bart's picture

for the late response, I am in Paris right now and not able to

get on line and check my mail.  Sorry for the late response to all the

people who mailed me.  Thanks to you all!   Appreciate the help.


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Hi Bart:

 I live in Lux and have lived in Belgium.  I emailed you on your gmail account with some info on a shop in Brussels that can probably help you out.

Also, as I had said in my mail, King Arthur definitely does mail internationally.  I have ordered from them many times without any problem, although shipping is pricey, as you can imagine.

Feel free to contact me by email if you have any questions or problems.

Kind regards,



Bart's picture

Okay thanks for the info and email, I really appreciate it, will check out that store for sure.  

Trish, I will email you as soon as I get home from Paris.