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whole wheat pastry flour

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whole wheat pastry flour

What is whole wheat pastry flour??? I do know pastry flour,I do know cake flour.I was looking at store and my supplier and nobody know what I'm talk about it.

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is made from unrefined soft wheat.  It's easier to find in my area than refined pastry flour.  We have found that Arrowhead Mills makes a WW pastry flour that is great for pie crust.  Bob's Red Mill makes one that is too weak.


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If you have a Whole Foods any where near you they have it.  I tore my hair out trying to find some all over town and found it there for 99 cents / pound.  BY A LOT!!!!



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  it works great for pies like charbono said. I've only seen it at natural food/ co-op type stores. The bran really helps keep the gluten down, in an already low gluten flour. You can get some nice flaky crusts.

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I love the stuff. Like others said, it's usually made from soft white wheat and has a protein level of about 8% or so -- which isn't strong enough to make yeasted breads. However, if you have a strong whole wheat flour, you can replace up to 25 percent of the whole wheat bread flour with whole wheat pastry flour. The loaf won't rise quite as high, but the pastry flour softens the bread and gives it a sweeter, "wheatier" flavor, in my opinion.

You can substitute it for white flour in just about any quickbread recipe -- waffles, muffins, pancakes, etc. -- and so long as you increase the liquid by just a bit (say 1/8 cup extra liquid for every cup of liquid in the recipe), I daresay no one will know that you've made a switcheroo.